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Tommy & Hector : Shock jocks

This 48 sheet was, like the radio show it’s advertising, out to get notoriety.
The two men featured are Tommy Tiernan and Hector O’hEochagain, one of Ireland’s top comedians and a TV presenter who joined forces on a weekly radio spot.

As with other work done for i fm, I deliberately set out to get the reaction of '‘What the f**k!’'

In this case it was by depicting two of the countries alpha-males in a homosexual light, a contrast which caused controversy and mirth in equal measure. Bullseye!

A Calvin Klein-esque aesthetic was used as a vehicle for the joke.

It wasn’t easy to get the subjects to agree to it but they were hugely pleased with the reaction.
It was discussed on rival radio and television networks, in pubs and offices across the land, which isn’t bad considering the posters only went up in a small section of the country (it’s a regional radio station.)

There’s a clip of Hector being asked about the ad on primetime national TV at the URL above (about 7 minutes into the footage).
This is a rival network, which explains why the anchor isn’t pleased about the attention it’s received.
The show is directly in competition with his national radio slot but he can’t be seen to ignore a point of such discussion throughout the week…classic.

This ad was also voted '‘Best print ad of the month’' in Marketing magazine (Dec 2008) by industry peers.

The photography was taken by Nick Hitchcox.

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