Brand identity

Maldron Hotels

Monti property developers : Subtle use of optical illusion

Bua Marketing

Fastcom Broadband

Sound Living : Hearing-aid battery disposal

A selection of brand identity projects I’ve undertaken.

• Fastcom : The spheres represent the four provinces of Ireland and feature in the colours native to the crests of those areas.
As a result the shape is a refined version of the map of Ireland. It also holds it’s own as an '‘F'' as in Fastcom.

• Bua Marketing : This logo was designed to embody the meaning of Bua, the Irish term for 'victory’ and ‘talent’.
This positivity was achieved in the overall feeling of the piece. The client wanted to show that the company would act and think differently to their counterparts, which is portrayed in the bespoke, somewhat anarchic lettering. The company deals mostly with the digital end of the marketing spectrum which brought me to play with the use of the RGB palette.

• Maldron hotels: Comfort Inn and Quality Hotels in Ireland underwent rebranding in 2008 and this was the result.
The brief was to create a hotel brand for the thinking/business person.
With this in mind I developed the simplistic cloud motif.
The cloud alludes to both a thought bubble and a dream cloud.
I chose orange to draw the consumer away from the notion of rain-clouds.

• Sound Living : This brand was created to promote the recycling of hearing aid batteries amongst the hard-of-hearing.
This led to the notion of merging a speech bubble and the planet earth in a motif that could be translated into attractive recycling bins at hearing aid stockists, worldwide.

• Monti : This identity for a property developers comes in the form of a subtle optical illusion.
On one hand it appears as a small cottage; Looked at a different way, one can see a series of skyscrapers with a construction crane looming overhead.
The illusion represents the range in scale of projects undertaken by the group and yet it doesn’t interfere with what’s important…The logo stands alone as a strong and legible mark.

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