TV : i fm

This campaign of three TV spots was used to launch this youth oriented, musically eclectic radio station in Ireland.

The aim of the campaign was to instill the initial reaction of ‘What the f**k?’.

There was a large media spend, so in order to stave off repetitive viewing fatigue, the spots were written to be multilayered.
This ensured that the viewer picked up something new each time it was viewed.

For example, the dialogue is made up entirely of popular song titles with the word ‘i’ in them (The name of the station).

They were art directed to surrealistically and indirectly relate to the dialogue, taking visual cues from Dali/ Terry Gilliam / Gordon Murray/ Jim Henson and were ably directed and animated by the good folks at D.A.D.D.Y.

They were the first outing for the “see-through i” logo, also designed by myself.
The ads served to demonstrate the notion of transience and eclecticism that a transparent brand could embody.

The series was named ‘creative of the month’ in the May 2008 issue of Marketing magazine, in Ireland.
It received the same accolade on, both having been voted by industry peers. (The URL above is a link to the latter).

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