TV : Godfather’s Pizza

The target for these stings was 15-25 year old males tuning in for the Thursday night movie on Channel six in Ireland. The Godfather brand envelopes itself in mafia cliché in order to appeal to that target’s fascination with all things violent and underground.

These stings were written to take that to another level for ‘Godfather’s’ and with suprisingly little coercion, the client went for it! With each sting we see a different stage of the pizza production process, from rolling dough to product delivery, each spot employing violent innuendo to illustrate the point.

Each promo is topped off with the VO threatening “We know where you live” to promote the delivery service.

Whilst having tongue thoroughly placed in cheek, this campaign features authentic cues, such as a set built to resemble the back room in the Soprano’s ‘Bada-Bing’ and a piece of Ennio Morricone instrumental.

The stings proved hugely popular and claimed a bronze Shark Award at Kinsale.

They’ve also been blogged about as being exemplary, at the URL above.

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