The Home of Hemp in Ireland

As the market for Sativa based produce grows, taboos fall away, competition increases and the conversation around medicinal legalisation normalises the perceptions around CBD, it seemed pertinent to solidify The Hemp Company as ‘The Home of Hemp in Ireland‘ in a very visible way, so anyone considering use or purchase of any related products in Ireland thinks of The Hemp Company first and foremost. To become the Guinness, the Tayto, the original hemp providers to the Irish market, thus creating a sense of home grown loyalty.

Credits :

Agency : Chemistry
Client : The Hemp Company
Creative Team : Robert Boyle, Emmet Wright
Client Contact : Jim McDonald, Rogan Doyle
Client Directors : Ray Sheerin, Deirdre Gunning
CG/Retouching : , Diego Barcellos
Client Services: Gemma Stack
Studio : Peter Cunniffe
Media : John Urch, Carat

  • Role CD/AD

  • For The Hemp Co. Dublin

  • Date Aug 2019

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